May Member Spotlight: Derik Morefield
May 13, 2016

Please tell us about yourself.

 I’m 47 years young have two great kids (John and Kelsi) and an extremely supportive partner – Jennie.  I grew up in Woodstock, have an AAS Degree from MCC, a BS from Illinois State University, and a MPA from Northern Illinois University.  I have spent my entire career working in the public sector and enjoy the satisfaction that this provides.

How long have you been crossfitting?

 July 2015.

Why did you start Crossfitting?

 I mountain and road biked for 10 years and then took up distance running for another 6.  While I enjoyed both as exercise outlets, biking or running for hours at a time can become monotonous.  In 2015 I started looking into Crossfit because of its focus on high intensity and the variety of training programming.  I was invited by a friend to try a class at CFCL and joined pretty much right away.

What “changes” have you noticed since you started Crossfittng? 

Without a doubt, overall strength, upper body muscle development, mental clarity, new friendships.  I can only liken being part of the CFCL “box” to being part of a sports team or club.  If you haven’t been a member it’s hard to explain, so just try it!

What has been your favorite memory while at CFCL?

There are many.  Most have to do with being able to accomplish things that, a year ago, were not possible in my mind.  Every time I PR a weightlifting component I am amazed.  I had a double laminectomy when I was 18 years old and have purposefully avoided weightlifting under the assumption that it wouldn’t be good for my back.  The opposite has been true and my back has never felt better.  Also the new friendships that I have formed would have never happened except for being a part of CFCL.  Just a bunch of truly genuine, friendly people.

What advice do you wish you received when you first started Crossfitting?

Don’t be intimidated by the WODs or worry about how much other people are lifting or how fast they are moving.  The only thing that matters is how much effort YOU can give.  If you work within your means, listen to the coaches, use good form, you will see changes quickly.

September Member Spotlight: Troy Olsen
September 4, 2015
  Please tell us about yourself.   I am a firefighter and paramedic. I have been in this career for 6 years and love it! I am married to my wife Angela. We have a 3 month old daughter named Zoey. We also have two Boston Terrier dogs named Ozzy and Toby. I wen